Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Behindness

Procrastination.... it's something I'm working on! I thought I would just post some pictures of some things that have been going on around here, things that have kept me too busy to post :)

Kaylee and McKay whispering their not-so-secret Christmas wishes. This was at our Ward Christmas Party/Talent Show. They performed their first piano solos and did an outstanding job. They really didn't appear nervous at all. Then our family performed a musical number: Kaylee and McKay on piano, Griffin on Clarinet, April on Flute and Steve played the bells. Owen would have played the Sax, but he was sick and Nana so sweetly stayed behind to tend to him.

Making Christmas Cookies with Nana.

Kaylee and McKay had a cute school Christmas play that we all enjoyed.

Our (blurry) Christmas Tree this year.

Our fat, lazy kitty Otis. He loves to get in the middle of the laundry as it comes out of the dryer, nice and warm. It's help I can do without!

Kaylee and McKay in their cute new Christmas presents.

We had a great time visiting a light exhibit in Augusta. The boys brought their good buddy Kyler. We went to a private residence where they decorate their yard and several sheds with different themed Christmas displays. At first, we were skeptical but by the time the evening was over... we all felt the love of our Savior more fully. It was a special experience for all.

Right before Christmas, we had three of the four kids all come down with the flu at the SAME TIME! It was quite challenging and pitiful, but we made it through.

Although the three kids were home and sick, they felt so bad that hardly a peep was heard.

This is McKay's sick hair... she didn't want to move from the couch and she certainly didn't want me brushing her hair! Luckily I convinced her that a bath would help her to feel better and we were able to rescue her from the rats.

Snow is falling all around...

It was soo fun to receive a light snow storm the day after Christmas! It was on Sunday and since the Bishop didn't want anyone driving in the snow, we got to spend the whole day at home enjoying one another. The girls put on a magic show with their new magic set.

This was our January snow storm. The kids actually missed TWO days of school.

Our attempt at sledding.

Steve cracks me up!

Our yard as a sheet of ice.

So proud of Griffin and Owen. They received their first letter for their great Tennis playing. We are in the middle of Soccer season (more pictures to come).

Steve had to have surgery again to tweak his Hiatal Hernia surgery. This is him before surgery:

And this is him After:

Quite a difference in mood. We have been very blessed the past month, despite illness and surgery. All have made a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Griffin and Owen's Tennis Season is finally over! I use that "finally" in the best way... I thoroughly enjoyed going out to their games and watching them. They really improved each game and are enjoying their weekly game with Dad and Grandpa. Thanks so much to the Nana, Grammy and Grandpa for your amazing support during the games!

I just couldn't resist this cute shirt! When the kids were little, I never put t-shirts on them that had negative messages... I guess my parenting style is getting too relaxed :) The boys thought the message was cute, so with their stamp of approval:

McKay thought the T-shirt was ugly, and so she came up with her own Halloween outfit, too cute!

Last year I found some beautiful costume dresses and purchased them for the girls. They had other ideas:

Corpse Brides (they truly are Steve's children!)

and... this was the first year the boys decided they were too old to dress up. We did however find a simple idea that they agreed to, they were "Quarter-backs". The irony of this can be seen below:
The irony is that while being "quarter-backs" and playing football in the dark, Griffin ran into a pole and chipped two of his teeth and blackened his cheekbone. It was rather scary to have someone (thanks Jana) come and get you and tell you your child is hurt! Luckily there were several adults who saw it and were rendering aid before I came on the scene. Needless to say, I don't think there will be any night-time football games going on for awhile.
This year we carved Pumpkins as teams: boys vs. girls. The boys did a great Spider Pumpkin:

and the girls did a Sick Pumpkin (they said it ate too much candy) Gross!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Fun Stuff

Owen has been so disappointed in my blogging frequency lately (See post below) so I decided that I needed to do better... after all, I started this BLOG for them :)

This is the first year that the boys and girls don't attend the same school. The boys have started Middle School and it has been a new experience for us all. I'm so grateful for the communication that we have.

The first day of school, heading to the bus stop:

The girls not far behind:

The girls got glasses this summer. Kaylee doesn't wear hers unless I remind her and McKay is really good about putting them on when she wakes up.

I love to get my camera out to discover that it has been used secretively by the kids... you never know what pictures you'll discover. Here are the girls apparently modeling:

This was our fabulous family fishing festival. We went cat fishing and had a great time and much success:

The fishermen poised for action:

I love the look on Kaylee's face. Kind of how I have a Love/Hate relationship with fishing.

First fish of the day:

McKay's catch. I love the picture of her and Steve coming back with a prize fish:

Notice Owen's face and gloves:

Griffin was the last one to catch a fish, but once he got going... he was unstoppable.

At this point, all three kids got a bite at the exact same time:

Our collection:

Everyone stepped in to help clean, after some helpful hints from the pro himself (Grandpa Bob) and some supervision (Grammy and Grandpa):

You go girl:

We had a big fish fry! I used to think I didn't like catfish... I've decided I was wrong because these were delicious!

Kaylee helping chop lettuce for our salad.

Mckay working on the tomatoes:

And what would a family update be without updates about the pets. Sophie and Otis are becoming great friends (Much to the dismay of Otis):

You thought I was kidding? Look how I found them the other day:

The boys had their first band concert this week! They did so good considering they had only played for a few weeks. So proud of them.